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The Mon-Arc of Monroe

The Mon-Arc of Monroe, Inc. is a 501(c (3) charitable membership association that advocates for the rights and full participation of all children and adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities.  We are a locally affiliated chapter of The Arc of Michigan and the Arc of the United States.  Funding comes from United Way, state and local grants, and through generous individual donors.

Parents with a common concern founded our local Mon-Arc of Monroe in 1962.  The 59-year-old legacy concerns continue to be reflected in our mission statement.  That is “To ensure that people with intellectual and developmental disabilities are valued and that they and their families are able to participate fully in and contribute to the life in their communities.”

Mon-Arc of Monroe continues to achieve the goals of our founders by:

A.    Encouraging opportunities to choose and realize their goals and dreams regarding where and how they learn, live, play and work.

B.    Promoting that all people with intellectual and developmental disabilities are to be defined by their own strengths, abilities, and inherent value-not by their disability.

C.    Encouraging a sense of safety for all persons with disabilities by providing them with emotional, mental, and financial skills necessary to achieve their dreams.

D.    Generate the concept that every person will be valued and will be treated with dignity and respect.

E.    Mon-Arc of Monroe continues the goals of our predecessors by improving coordination of services and resources within our community for individuals and families that is affordable and appropriate.




The Mon-Arc of Monroe, Inc. is a private non-profit corporation, chaired by a volunteer community board and supported by individuals dedicated to promoting the welfare of persons diagnosed with an intellectual or developmental disability or at risk of an intellectual or developmental disability.


The History of The Mon-Arc of Monroe (formerly called Monarc of Monroe) with special interviews from some of the founding members: Pat and Keith Anderson, Mary Pipis, and Connie & Joe Hoffman. Learn about how education for the SCI and MOCI programs began in Monroe County.

Achieve With Us

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